No Surprises campaign

FlashParking is a client with whom we have regularly worked to perform website creation and design tasks. For more information on these projects, see our full FlashParking case study.

Our art department created an eye-catching marketing campaign that would help them stand out from the competition.


FlashParking is a frequent participant in industry conferences. Many of the other parking machine companies in these conferences use a similar style of marketing. FlashParking wanted to do something that would be visually striking to make them stand out from the crowd.


We discussed with the company several ideas for a marketing campaign and decided on one that would have the most artistically rich possibilities. The campaign would be titled “no surprises,” in order to convey that the benefit of FlashParking’s machines is that they are self-sufficient.

The problem with some machines in the industry is that they need to be maintained and updated onsite, which forces parking lot owners to take on secondary roles as parking machine technicians when issues arise. FlashParking, on the other hand, uses cloud technology so that its software can be maintained remotely. This takes away the hassle for parking garage owners of performing technical tasks like fixing server problems.

We created a series of illustrations showing people in situations meant to represent how an employee feels when they are forced to do something in which they are not trained. Once the client approved the illustrations, our artist transformed his drawings into visually impactful 3D images.


The FlashParking team was very pleased with the resulting images, using them for conferences, social media and print campaigns. This project solidified Capicua as an excellent resource for the company’s marketing needs.