leadbird marketing leads platform leadbird marketing leads platform

leadbird marketing leads platform

High Tech for High Businesses


Leadbird is a B2B real-time lead-generation service, that allows businesses to act upon leads directly within the platform. Furthermore, they offer automated tools to help businesses performing reputation controls and generating sales leads.


The full digital provider, with headquarters in New York, focus on client revenue growth. Overmore, they own proprietary data-mining technology, producing internally processed data. In this context, Leadbird carefully select their clients, looking for growth-oriented inbound marketing teams.


Since our first contact, we’ve been having an active role in application’s development and its user experience. Because of this, our team has been delivering Leadbird a full package. This includes from branding and storytelling, to web and application design and development.


Leadbird’s goal is to provide powerful tools to their clients at accessible prices.


Leadbird was founded by Carl J. Rohling, Co-Founder and former VP of TuneIn, in 2014. Since then, the company’s success relies in its knowledge and experience on lead generation. This includes Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Content Creation, Paid Advertising, Analytics, and Web Design, among other specialities.

They define themselves as a platform with focus on revenue growth, rather than a branding agency. As a result of this, they specialize on defining buyers, and nurturing prospects.


Leadbird wanted a to create a new branding, that reflected their standards and services. On top of that, with lead generation as their main differential, they wanted a powerful platform and key integrations.

Our challenges went from data management to legacy systems, highlighting market research and design. Because of this, we need to perform researches on models that had function successfully in other industries.

leadbird marketing leads platform


Worth Mentioning:

We’ve been working with Leadbird to understand potential customers’ needs, in order to create an easy-to-use platform. Our team provides them with a whole suite of dev services, while keeping the products simple, attractive, and functional.

Capicua built all their UX and FE from the ground up, adding value on design and development. This let us create a simple interface for a complex application. Moreover, with our collaboration, Leadbird secured a quarter million dollars in investment funds.


We created the platform combining Angular.JS for frontend, with Node.JS for backend. To this, we added Microsoft SQL Server’s database, and AZURE’s cloud computing platform. Furthermore, we connected this with Sendgrid email marketing services, and with Braintree‘s payment platform. As a result of this, we’re able to offer a whole suite of services, in different spaces of digital marketing.

Using advanced-garde technologies, our platform can rapidly process over four million database records, and deliver content efficiently. With our continuous integration of data, currently the platform can add leads at a rate of 70.000 per weekAll the business info that goes through the platform is triple-verified, with an accuracy rate of 95%. Also, the system can display new leads as the user scrolls by within the map. The results can be filtered by location, time since incorporation, and industry.

On top of that, we created subscriptions services, by integrating Braintree Payments’ platform. With this credit system, users now can make payments with both credit cards, and PayPal.

leadbird marketing leads platform


They’re good at meeting deadlines and communicating, and we didn’t have any language barrier issues. Also, they manage projects well through Jira and Trello. – Carl J. Rohling (CEO at Leadbird)

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