User-focused travel app

LifeTripper is an SF-based startup founded by travel enthusiasts, offering a mobile application that gives people a better way to share their travel memories and plan future trips.

The online travel ecosystem is crowded and difficult to navigate. An average person spends between 20 and 60 hours and visits more than 40 websites to plan a trip. In order to record their experiences, travelers typically use several different tools and platforms, making memories harder to revisit or share with friends.

LifeTripper’s goal is to make planning trips and recording travel experiences more enjoyable for travelers.

Capicua provided a full suite of services, including logo and branding, website creation and the UI/UX design and development of the mobile application. Our team also had a significant role in helping the client decide how the app would function and users would experience it.

We are looking forward to continue working with LifeTripper as their UX design and mobile application development team and help them scale for success.




Key qualities for the LifeTripper brand are freedom, new horizons and friendship. It was necessary for us to represent these concepts in the logo, colors and images used in the application design and company materials. For the LifeTripper logo we combined the ideas of a location pin, hot air balloon and new dawn.

The brand aesthetic needed to be clearly reflected in the UI/UX design of the application. With so many travel and social sharing apps on the market, it was critical that the brand make a lasting impression on users.


MVP Development

LifeTripper required an MVP to present to investors that would show the founders’ vision as well as their commitment to building the app.

As a bootstrapped startup, LifeTripper didn’t have the funds available to develop all of the application functionalities they had planned. This meant paring the app down to the features that would best show the potential value for users. As LifeTripper has an ambitious scope, it was a challenge to capture the app’s value in a minimal amount of features.

For the MVP we focused on one key feature of the application: the ability to centralize trip images in one place. A user can create a trip with a date and map location. The app retrieves images from other social platforms, which can be assigned to the created trip. For this we integrated the app with the Instagram and Facebook APIs.

The next feature we will develop is the ability to add more users to a trip. This way when people travel with friends, memories from a trip can be connected in one place versus being stored across several profiles.

Market Research

In order to successfully design the application, we had to study current travel products on the market to determine the optimal functionality of the required features. Additionally, the client performed a survey of travelers to discover their needs and what their expectations were for a newer, better travel app. 

The application is designed to be easy and fun to navigate, using our in-depth research on other travel and social apps in the market.