Make money work for you

Money Pocket is an investment platform created by Wealthstake, a company based in China and the US. For this project Capicua provided UX/UI design, storytelling and mobile application development services.


Fintech Styling
The design of the application has a fresh arrangement of elements and forms, conveying the idea of a modern product while maintaining a sober and neat look. This is essential for a financial sector product that seeks to instill confidence and attract new users.

React Native Development
We built the mobile application using React Native, a technology that allowed us to deliver both iOS and Android versions in an efficient time frame.

Multilingual Content
Although the original text of the application is in Spanish, it was necessary to translate the content to the different idiomatic forms of Mandarin Chinese. Then the characters of this language had to be adapted to the design of the system.

Audio-Visual Presentations
Our storytelling team created four explanatory videos, with the objective to present the application to the company’s investors in China.