Healthcare platform

Management within the US healthcare industry is dynamic and complex. Often hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and medical institutions try to simplify their work and reduce costs by hiring staffing agencies.

Medical staffing agencies offer their clients qualified personnel to carry out treatments and visits to their patients. The demands of managing treatment schedules and medical personnel often end up overburdening staffing agencies.

Prana was created to address this need for organization. Prana is a healthcare management platform built specifically for medical staffing agencies but can be easily customized for other types of businesses within the medical industry.


After conducting a survey of several home health agencies in the market, we found that the most important requirements involve facilitating and automating business organization. The system should be intuitive and not overload users with tasks, such as paperwork generated from medical documentation, payroll, etc.

In addition, many medical companies are still reluctant to have their private and patient information on web servers and applications in the cloud. Prana was designed as a Windows application that can connect to the web if a company requires it.


Achieving an automated process was undoubtedly the most important issue to resolve. We had to understand the flow, from intake to billing and payroll, required for the treatment of a patient, and the management of treatment schedules. To do this, we researched similar companies in order to understand their concerns and bottlenecks, and we were able to deliver an efficient solution.